That was my first reaction when I saw the Facebook post where an emotional Dewayne Montgomery, aka Coach Pain, told his followers that he is now part of NBC’s Comcast. His hard work finally paid off. Or to quote the man himself: “I am moving forward!” And that is well deserved! What this new job exactly comes down to, I really don’t know. But the man was so happy, it must be great.

Conduct your Business

Words like bullets

Everybody in the OCR-world knows Coach Pain. He has his own way of getting you ready for a race. A way that is unique. I remember the first time I came in contact with Coach Pain. It was at the OCR World Championships 2015 at King’s Domain, Ohio, in the United States. Yes, I had qualified for this tournament but I did know that there were lots of other people in my age group that were so much stronger, faster and tougher. So the demons in my head were whispering: “what are you doing here?”, “did you pay all that money to fly to a run where you don’t belong?”, “you could have done so much great things with that money”, and “you will probably fail”. But then Coach Pain happened. All the men from the age group 35-39 years had to line up for the start. Eminem’s beat “Lose yourself” was playing at the background. A man wearing cargo pants and army boots started speaking. We had to kneel down. Bam. His words hit me like bullets. At that moment I knew it was a good choice to make this trip. Relieve. Confidence was building up. His words took me to a sort of eagle-view and I saw myself on the path to where I was at that point. That experience was totally new for me. And the special thing is, that Coach Pain can establish that feeling every single race again.

There will always be haters. In for example the Netherlands, some people are more down to earth. Raising your voice and trying to energize people this way is sometimes explained as too corny or too American. But pffff. Embrace it. And some people think it is inappropriate to have a pep talk at the start of a run about, for example, people who are fighting against cancer to stay alive. But that is reality, and it gives you a sense of perspective.

Coach Pain Helps

Pearl of OCR

Coach Pain triggers you. Just with some words. And he accomplishes that over and over again. In comparison to speeches of colleagues of Coach Pain, the following Counting Crows lyrics come to mind: “the feeling that it’s all a lot of oysters, but no pearls”…. OCR-People know that. They love him because what he says and who he is. You can count on him. And he will be there for you.

Last year Coach Pain flew over from the States to be at the OCR European Championships in Germany. The man was all over the place. At the start and at the finish. His words were coming through. No tree, wall or rig could stop that.

Hopefully Coach Pain will be present again at the OCR WC and the OCR EC. He belongs there. Let more Europeans get a taste of Coach Pain and conduct their business.

Bring the Pain

Bring the Pain


Fotocredits: Sanne Mallant